Customizing Your Interiors with Real Solid Wood Furniture

Hip and happening of today’s interior design are minimalistic, contemporary designs which are sleek, edgy and soothing to the eyes. Gone are those days when heavy wooden furniture was piled up all around the room, making the whole interior bulky and stocky. Real solid wood furniture have kind of taken a back seat in today’s world of minimalism. However, they can be beautifully integrated into these contemporary and modern setups, provided they are in harmony with the prevalent design theme. Wood brings in a feeling that is warm and rustic, which will be treasured by homeowners who want a cozy atmosphere in their house. In this article we will see a few tricks and ideas on how to use solid wood furniture to customize the interiors of your house or office space.

1. Bedroom

Easily, the best solid wood furniture you can, all belong to the bedroom space. Starting from the bed, other pieces like vanity cabinets, wardrobes, tables and stools can accompany the bed. One has to ensure that all of these wooden furniture share the same color or texture to maintain a harmony across the room.

2. Coffee Tables and Book Stands

Moving away from the bedroom, you can have solid wood furniture even in your living room and study rooms. Coffee tables with cabinets within or book stands which can adorn a corner in your study room can serve as excellent décor items apart from being functional furniture pieces. However, before buying them, ensure that you are very clear about their dimensions and have enough space in the room to accommodate them.

3. Wood Patio

Having a wooden patio with floor and other furniture made from real solid wood furniture is a great way to invest in wooden furniture. To create an interesting vibe you can have wooden panels of different form and color, creating a beautiful mix and match if you feel the same type of wood is too boring for a patio.

How to Buy Real Solid Wood Furniture

Apart from knowing how to use solid wood furniture in interior décor, one must also know how to buy these furniture and the considerations one has to make while buying. Here is a list of tips/suggestions you can follow.

• Firstly, you need to decide the type of wood you need. One can always go for a safe approach and buy freshly made furniture or also go for reclaimed wood which has a unique identity and charm to it.

• Secondly, look for solid and sturdy wooden furniture and not the furniture made from mere pressed wood, fiberboard or particleboard.

• Thirdly, look for real solid wood furniture made using joint construction and not using staples or nails. Joint construction is something that you can rely on whereas staples, nails or glue are just temporary and too weak for solid wood furniture.

• Lastly, ensure that the furniture is made of wood that is durable, resistant to moth and moisture, stable during all the seasons and has a protective covering to keep off termites and other natural elements which ruin the wood.

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