A Guide to Norwell Lighting’s Outdoor Lighting Range

The Joy of Handmade Lighting Fixtures

Norwell Lighting has specialized in hand made lighting products. The firm’s skilled craftsmen cut sheets of copper and brass and shape them lovingly into unique, functional products. These lighting fixtures are completely modern but they evoke the swinging lanterns that used to hang outside the cottages of New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Buyers hold such crafted products in special regard as each fixture will have the distinctive stamp of the maker. Such uniqueness is rare in today’s age of mass production based on standardized designs.

Norwell Lighting offers fixtures for exterior and interior lighting. We explain the product range of the exterior lighting fixtures and also feature the best pieces from the collection:

Post Mounts

Post mounted lights became popular in the gas lighting era. These lights are designed to illuminate the surrounding area with a wide throw of light. With the advent of electricity, post mounted lights have become ubiquitous in public areas. However, homeowners can also install these lights on their property and garden areas. Norwell Lighting has a very wide range of premium post mounted lights. Popular ranges include Adams, Stanfield, York, Concord Collection and Onion Collection. A distinctive ring is fixed on the top of the classical fixtures. Buyers can choose from decorative mount options and over eight finishes.

Hanging Fixtures

Hanging lanterns used to be a feature of Colonial homes. These candles lit lamps were hung outside the cottages or homes from a chain and hook. For travelling on the seas, the lanterns would be fixed on a metal rod with a bent hook at the end to throw further light. A band of metal work would be done to protect the thin glass peculiar to the era. Norwell Lighting has captured the essence of these lanterns with its outdoor hanging lights. The lights complement the design of the post mounted lights with strong frames and simple grillwork. Sharon, Suffolk and Aurora collections can be said to carry the soul of the designs of the era gone by. The Lodge series of lanterns also adds a touch of California Mission Revival style to the range.

Wall Mounted Lights

The exterior wall mounted lights are designed to complement the other outdoor fixtures in appearance and style. So buyers can choose from wall mounted lights in the same model family as their post mounted lights and hanging lights. The wall mounted lights retain the looks of older lamps while adding modern conveniences like reflectors. Buyers who wish to have some decorative wall mounts to complement their home can also consider these lights as a standalone option. The lights are built to withstand corrosion and dampness.

Ceiling Mounts

Exterior ceiling mounted lights are suitable for porches, sit outs and porticos with low ceilings. Ceiling mounted fixtures do not occupy space, but look just as distinctive as hanging lights. The ranges offered by Norwell Lighting for outdoor ceiling mounted fixtures are the Onion Collection and the Williams range.

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