Luxury Baby Bedding – Peaceful Sleep for Your Little Angel

luxury baby bedding

Not surprisingly, many parents complain about sleepless nights when their babies don’t let them sleep properly. Most of the time it happens due to uncomfortable baby beddings too.

A well-slept baby is always active and happy and healthy. Your little angel needs to sleep well for proper growth and development and you can attain it with the safest luxuries bedding.

Here are some of the features of luxuries bedding for your bundle of joy.


The selection of fabric is the very first thing to consider while choosing baby bedding. For luxury baby bedding, you can choose:

• Cotton – Cotton is soft, breathable, and easy to wash fabric which can provide comfortable bedtime to your baby. You can choose percale, satin, flannel, or organdie.

• Linen – Lenin is the best bedding material for summers as it keeps baby cool. It is free from shrinkage issues and stays long when dry cleaned. The best linen fabrics for baby beddings are linen, damask, or Venise.

• Silk – Silk will give your baby bedding a luxurious feel with a super soft touch. You just need to be careful while washing it. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer would suffice. If you want silk beddings, then opt from brocade, charmeuse, chiffon, organza, dupioni, or silk satin.

• Wool – The best bedding fabric for winters as it stays warm. Wool is very soft and should be dry-cleaned. Best woolen beddings are flannel, felt, jersey, tweed, merino, or gabardine

No to Satin or Synthetic Fabric

Satin can lead to rashes on your baby’s skin because it does not allow air to flow through it. It has been found that synthetic baby beddings can result in lots of skin related problems.

Thread count

For luxury bedding, thread count is the most important thing to look for. Thread count is mainly the number of horizontal and vertical threads existing in 1 square inch of fabric. Usually, thread counts vary from 180-320 sometimes 700 also. The thread counts in luxury beddings are usually higher. The higher the thread counts, the higher the fabric quality.


Colors play a vital role in setting the mood of the baby. Baby’s beddings are always full of colors. Many people prefer blue and white bedding as they are classy colors and can be contrasted with any décor.

Traditional or contemporary decor is best if you wish to select flowery bedding fabric. With rich and bold colors like pink and red, you can add energy to your baby’s bedding. For relaxing and beautiful bedding, select pastel colors.

Light pink, Light Blue, and light yellow colors make a great choice to create a luxury bedding for your baby.


Luxury baby bedding usually has a mild crisp feel on it due to the use of starch during manufacturing to keep it wrinkle-free. It is recommended to wash the luxury bedding before use to enhance its softness.

Bedding protectors

Investing in the bedding protector is a smart decision to keep your baby’s bedding soft and comfortable for a long time. Bedding protectors also help to keep foul smell, dust, and infection away from bedding. The luxurious beddings mostly come with the protector. So, don’t forget this essential thing that can increase the life of the luxurious baby bedding.

Avoid decoration

Luxurious beddings are usually simple and attractive with a feel of super softness. Extra use of accessories can be very harmful to the baby. Even a small button can hurt your baby’s soft and tender skin. So, try to avoid extra laces, buttons, or decorative material.

Easy to wash

Luxury bedding is not just about the luxurious look, the washing process also counts in. It is important to wash baby bedding regularly to keep your baby healthy. Babies have a habit of putting everything in their mouth, so make sure to keep the bedding clean. Choose the bedding that can be washed easily.


Parents should choose their baby bedding very carefully as many a time a small carelessness can cause unforeseen incidents. Luxurious bedding can provide nice sound sleep to your baby.

Luxurious bedding for your baby mainly depends on the fabric used, color, texture, etc. and it is very important to consider all the aspects with equal importance. Choose one that makes your baby sleep happily!

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