Five Beautiful Wood Accent Wall Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

wood accent wall

We all want to give our home a signature touch that is different from every other home. But have you thought about adding a wood accent wall to your living room or dining area or to your fireplace? Adding a wood accent wall to any place of your home or office can simply turn a dull and boring space into a bright and living one!

Wood accent wall adds a lot of depth and texture to any place and if you want to differentiate one area from the other, it works the best. For instance, if you have an open kitchen concept but still do not want to show off your whole kitchen from the living area, you can add a wood accent wall to bifurcate the space but at the same time adding an aesthetic touch to space.

There are a lot of wood accent wall ideas out there, but here are these five beautiful ideas that would simply upgrade your space to another level.

#1  Wood plank accent wall

Looking to catch the #trending style? Then the wood plank accent wall is there for a good reason. This will not only have numerous color pallets to choose from but also it fits and changes the look of almost every space. People these days are really opting for reclaimed woods like old dismantled barns to name a few, this gives an old-school feel and a vintage look to the home. You can simply give a contemporary look to your any room with the wood plank accent wall.
The best part about having a wood plank wall is that it has a porous structure because of which it has the space to store heat, as a result, you are going to save a lot on your energy bills.

#2  Wood accent wall for bathroom

Do you want to change the look of your bathroom? Well, having a wood accent wall in your bathroom can simply upgrade the character of it. Add the wood wall adjacent to the bathtub or right in the front of the big mirror of the bathroom. It would not only add depth to the bathroom, but it will make your bathroom look more spacious as well. You can hang a nice artificial flower wreath to it or you can hang some beautiful fairy lights.

#3  Wood accent wall for fireplace

This can be the ultimate game changer for your fire space. Usually, many people prefer to have the brick look around their fireplaces but giving it a complete wooden look can add more warmth to your bedroom or living room. The wooden wall would enhance the beauty of the white built-in cabinets that are located beside it.

#4  Pallet wall for dining space

If you have a lot of pallet wood at your place, then put it to some productive use instead of throwing it out. These wood pallets can be cut in different lengths and can be joined with each other to have a unique look. It is not necessary to have the same pallet as that is the idea to have different pallets to give your space a real contemporary look. If you do not know how to do it, hire an installer as he has the expertise to do it, the right way. You can also paint the wood to add more colors to your room.

#5  Antique weathered wall for bedroom

How about giving a rustic feel to your bedroom? Adding an antique weathered wall to your bedroom can change the entire game. It means little work and more gains for you. Adding the wall behind your bed can give you a definition to the entire space. Decorate the room with antique looking lamps that would complement the wall and you are good to go. It will add a warm color to your bedroom to give you that much needed sound sleep.

These ideas will surely help you change the look of your space. Adding an accent wall not just gives a simple and elegant look but also you these woods let you connect with nature and give you a warm feeling of being at home. Now you try!

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