Four Reasons to Choose a Cheap Eight Day Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks are endearing collectors’ items that also add to your home’s décor. Given their popularity, cuckoo clocks are now also available in less expensive versions. You can now easily find a cheap eight day cuckoo clock from well-known manufacturers. If you buy them during the holiday season, you might even get to enjoy seasonal discounts on these clocks.

Consider these four reasons to choose a cheap eight day cuckoo clock.


Eight days refers to the winding requiring of the clock’s movement. As opposed to one day clocks that require daily winding; eight day cuckoo clocks require winding once a week only. So, you automatically choose convenience when buying the latter.

Many people refrain from buying cuckoo clocks due to the hassle of the winding requirement. But if you really want to bring one home, you can simply buy a cuckoo clock with eight day movement instead of one. The winding process is also not very extensive. You can simply wind the clock as per its instructions every week or so.

Yes, you have the option to buy quartz cuckoo clocks that require no winding. But its appeal is not the same as cuckoo clocks with winding movements. So, if you really want an authentic cuckoo clock, choose one with eight day movement for hassle-free winding.

Superior Quality

Eight day cuckoo clocks are superior in quality than one day movement ones. Cuckoo clocks are pieces of superior craftsmanship. Most of these authentic clocks are crafted and manufactured in the Black Forest area of Germany. These clocks are still made with the same precision as they were crafted hundreds of years ago.

These clocks are very popular. So, special attention is given to the way these eight day clocks are crafted. The movement is paid special attention, and the quality of the music is also given due consideration.

When you buy a cheap eight day cuckoo clock, you get a superlative piece of craftsmanship. But you get it at great prices too.

Sweet Melody

Cuckoo clocks are also renowned for their sweet melody. Usually, you will hear German songs when the cuckoo comes calling every hour. In eight day cuckoo clocks, you will hear two different songs, alternated every hour. In one day cuckoo clocks, these songs pay every half hour. So, if you want a sweet melody in your clock but not every half hour, it is best to choose one with eight day clock movement. Quartz cuckoo clocks will play electronic music, which is not the same as authentic German songs in winding cuckoo clocks.

A big appeal of cuckoo clocks is the melodious sound of the songs after the cuckoo calls the hours. So, if the melody is important to you in terms of the clock selection, it is best to choose one with winding movements rather than quartz movements.

The songs are also authentic selections, sweeter to the ear rather than jarring.

Beautiful Accessories

Cuckoo clocks can enhance any home’s décor with its beauty. These clocks are lovely home accents that can be placed just about anywhere in the house. Be it lovely chalet scenes, feeding bird models, deer, flowers and vines, or village scenes; you can find them all in eight day cuckoo clocks.

You don’t even need to restrict to only shades of browns when choosing cuckoo clocks. You can find eight day cuckoo clocks in bright shades such as blue or a serene white. Even the village scenes are often depicted in different colors, showcasing the authenticity of the craftsmanship. A cuckoo clock in gray can add to the drama of the clocks that already attract a lot of attention. You are rarely going to find an instance when someone new to your house doesn’t notice the cuckoo clock or appreciates its craftsmanship.

You can also choose different sizes of the cuckoo clocks for the ease of placement. Even the chimes are available in different styles to cater to the varied tastes of the collectors.

You can showcase an authentic cuckoo clock in your house without having to buy an expensive piece. Eight-day cuckoo clocks are available at great prices with genuine retailers.

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