Top Five Outdoor Plumbing Problems and How to Solve Them

Plumbing – be it outdoors or indoors – need to be in top shape. Even a minor plumbing problem can become a big nuisance. Not solving plumbing problems in time can cause major hassles at a later date. You may even end up spending more on solving a simple plumbing issue.

It is easy to ignore outdoor plumbing issues if you don’t come face-to-face with the problem on a daily basis. You may even choose to ignore it as it is ‘outside’. But it is not wise to do so.

Here are the top five outdoor plumbing problems and ways to solve them.

1. Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewer lines help transfer wastewater from your home to the underground sewers. If the sewer line clogs, it can affect the entire plumbing of the house. The water will begin to backup in your basins, drains, and toilets. If every drain in the house seems to have a water backup problem; it is a surefire sign of sewer blockage and not drain clogs.

It is not possible to unclog sewer lines using some DIY method. You will need to call a professional for the job. Before you call a plumbing company, ensure that their plumbers have experience in working with sewer lines. A good way to find reliable service providers is to conduct online searches. You can use your location and requirement in the search keywords to find reliable results. For instance, use search terms such as plumbers in Tustin and plumber Upland.

A plumber can check if the clog is due to tree roots or the presence of solid waste in the sewers.

2. Leaky Faucets

Faucets are present outdoors around the garden or around the pool area. If even a single component inside the faucet malfunctions; it can cause a leak. A problem with the valve, O-ring, or washers can cause the faucet to drip water from the handle or the spout. Corrosion in these parts can cause water to drip or leak from the faucets.

You will need to check the faucet to identify the problem. If only one part of the faucet is worn out or corroded; you can replace it to resolve the issue. If multiple parts are corroded; it is best to replace the faucet.

You will need to use the right tools to open the faucet, examine in, remove the faulty part, and replace it with a new one to stop the leaks. If all this work seems a lot, you can simply call a plumber to solve the problem of leaky faucets rather quickly.

3. Problems with Sprinkler Pipes

Sprinklers offer an easy way to irrigate your garden and the yard. But sprinkler pipes can also break quite easily. A landscaping job can cut into the pipes or the damage can occur due to any other reason. The leaks can mean the waste of water and an increase in your utility bills. It can also make your garden or yard perpetually wet.

You can try to solve the problem by digging up the area to find the leaky pipe. You can then remove the faulty section of the pipe and replace it with a new one. Before you cover the line again; ensure that the replacement work is fine and there are no leaks. For multiple leaks, it is best to call a plumber to diagnose the problem and rectify it in a timely manner.

4. Hose Bib Problems

Outdoor hoses receive their water supply via hose bibs. Due to general wear and tear or corrosion, the hose bibs can break or burst. If you need to replace the hose bib, you will need to have exceptional plumbing skills. You will need to temporarily cut the water source, replace the hose bib, and then solder everything into place. It is best to call a plumber to solve the issues with hose bibs.

5. Leaks in Outdoor Pool

If water is collecting outside the pool when no one is using it; it must be a plumbing issue. There is no DIY fix to this problem. A plumber can check the pool area and correct the issue. Not resolving this issue in a timely manner can increase its magnitude and even lead to a huge waste of water.

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