The Three Most Common Plumbing Repairs Homeowners Face

Are you thinking about purchasing a new home? It is no doubt that your new home will bring a lot of excitement to your life. However, it won’t be much enjoyable for you, if you do not maintain and repair your plumbing equipment. You should look after your plumbing need regularly in order to avoid future disaster and huge maintenance expenditure. On an average, homeowners spend around $2000 -$2500 annually on repair and maintenance for home. Nevertheless, this can go up to $8000-$8500, depending on situation. Plumbing repairs in Raleigh can be one of the messiest repairs you may have to deal with. Remember, that just a simple leakage or a breach in pipes may cost you thousands for fixing the problem. However, that could lead to major damages for your home structure. So, what is the best alternative in this regard? The best thing is to take preventive measures and getting in touch with an expert plumber when things get out of your hand. Let’s check out in this regard the three most common plumbing repairs for a homeowner:

  • Constant water running through plumbing – Most homes face the problem of dripping faucets, where water runs through plumbing constantly. This makes you put on the tap and receive water immediately.  While turning off the tap, the rubber and the silicone washer make a tight seal to prevent water rushing out when the tap is closed. In case of a problem with the seal, there will be a leakage in the faucet.  There is no doubt if you notice a simple crack in the seal because you can fix the problem on your own. Nevertheless, if this becomes corroded you should call professional plumbing repairs in Raleigh for dealing with your difficulty. An expert can ensure whether other plumbing parts need to be replaced or not and whether you will be getting a tight seal. In contrast, if the plumbing repair service provider detects that you are having some serious problem, you may have to replace the whole faucet.
  • Low Pressure of Water – This can be because of water-saving showerhead or due to the water distributed by the municipal water supply. If this is your concern, you can’t do much more than changing the showerhead or contacting the city. However, low pressure is a sign of accumulated mineral deposits, leakage or breach in main line and clogged pipes. Even if the problem of mineral deposits can be resolved with over-the-counter solution, blocked pipes and breach in main line should be dealt with an expert plumber. Moreover, if you suspect that poor water pressure is a concern with the main line, you should immediately get in touch with a professional plumbing repair service in Raleigh before your problems become worse, costing you thousands of dollars for fixing.
  • Running Toilet– Another problem is running toilet. If there is a persistent humming noise and you continue to hear trickling sound or running water for a long period of time even after flushing, then you can say that your toilet is running. It is usually associated with flapper vale, float apparatus and fill tube that you can easily replace on your own. In case you have replaced each of the parts and you are still having running toilet, then your problem could be due to the accumulation of sediment or leakage in pipes, making it difficult for your toilet to flush and fill in a proper way.

Apart from these three common plumbing repairs, you may face problems with clogged drains. Commercial drain cleaners are good enough if you use them occasionally, thinking that the problem is due to mineral or sediment accumulation in your pipes. Nevertheless, you can’t fix the worst of clogs with a de-clogging solution. In most cases, the problem is because of hair clumps and small objects obstructing your pipes that cannot be removed through drain cleaning. It is the responsibility of the plumber to disassemble pipes and find out obstruction before it causes plumbing to leak or burst. It’s quite easy to fix. However, if you want to avoid this problem in near future, try to install drain screen. One more common problem is that you are not getting hot water or that your hot water runs out after a short time. It could be simply due to low temperature of water heater, unlit pilot light or owing to the fact that your tank is very small for your requirement. Nevertheless, this problem can get worse due to leakage or puncture in tank. So, call one of the best plumbing repairs in Raleigh and get the right solution for your home.

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