All You Need to Know About Reclaimed Wood Tables

Furniture can serve as excellent interior décor items, provided you have some knowledge about mixing and matching colors, eye for design and an aesthetic sense about space utilization and placement. Treating furniture as mere functional units is a sheer waste of space and money. Given that they occupy a lot of space, you might as well use them as décor items with a bit of planning and effort.

Furniture made out of reclaimed wood is one such décor item that will serve you for a long time and create a unique ambience around it. Beds, bathroom vanities, TV consoles, coffee tables, stools, dressing cabinets…almost any furniture can be made out of reclaimed wood. They are not only durable, but also visually stunning owing to their dark colors, bold textures and unique character. In this article we will discuss reclaimed wood tables and list down a few tips to follow while buying them.

What exactly is a Reclaimed Wood Table?

It is similar to any other table made out of wood, the only difference being it is made out of reclaimed wood. As the name implies, these tables look old, weathered and warm unlike polished tables which are etched to perfection. The type of wood used and the type of finish given makes all the difference to the overall look and feel of this furniture. Reclaimed wood has minute imperfections like nail holes, knots, scars, lines, dark spots etc. These imperfections make the table look extremely authentic and add depth to it. There is a used look to the furniture that gives an impression that the table is really old and has a rich history to it. It seems like the table was borrowed from someone important or inherited by one’s own ancestors.

Also, furniture that are old or appear to be old are great conversation starters when you have guests. A reclaimed wood table can also serve as a pleasant distraction or oddity in a modern house that goes by minimalistic design. However, reclaimed furniture is best suited for summer cabins or houses with tropical, Scandinavian or industrial themes. These reclaimed tables can serve as excellent centerpieces around which you can plan the entire room’s ambience. You can create an entire reclaimed theme by having matching furniture that share the same reclaimed theme, reclaimed lamps and tribal wall hangings that reinstate the reclaimed theme.

How to Buy a Reclaimed Wood Table

These tables are very much similar to regular tables in their size, design and compartments. The main differentiator is the type of wood you choose and the type of finish you go with. Follow these tips while buying a reclaimed table and you won’t go wrong.

1. Always look for solid wood furniture

Normally furniture are made out of wood like pine, maple, cedar or hickory. However, pine and maple are too soft to match the strength and durability of a typical reclaimed furniture. White cedar, hickory and red cedar are excellent choices if you want a genuine rustic experience. The best thing about these wood types is that they age with time and add to the rustic element. The imperfections on their surface get better with time and make the table more and more authentic as years pass by. And certainly, there is no need to mention the durability they offer considering that all of them are solid wood.

2. Go for finishes that look reclaimed

You have to be very careful while choosing the type of finish you want to go with while buying a reclaimed wood table. If you already own reclaimed furniture, it is wise to get the table the same finish so that they are in sync when placed together. There are a lot of finishes that add the required old, distressed and weathered feel to the wood. While buying ensure that the vendor has experience in selling reclaimed furniture and has a wide array of finishes to offer. On top of the finish, also get a protective coating done to prevent damage by changing weather conditions, insects and moths.

3. Be Specific about Your Order

Lastly, be very specific about your order so that you get what you want. Be it the shape and size of the table, the number of compartments, handles for the compartments…give attention to every detail that you normally do while buying a table.

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