Hubbardton Forge- Beautiful Handmade Pendant Lights

Hubbardton Forge was founded in Vermont with the aim of merging lighting design with skilled smithy practices. The resulting products have created a unique premium niche in the market for their charm and durability. The pendant lights made by the firm have come in for particular praise. Before we examine the range of pendant lights, let’s take a look at the reason why Hubbardton Forge came into existence.

Why Forged Lighting?

The founders of Hubbardton Forge Lighting began their operation with the aim of bringing traditional manufacturing practices to a nascent niche of premium lighting products. Forging is not a process that most buyers associate with lighting design. Yet for years before modern manufacturing came into being, village blacksmiths would turn out excellent candle holders and wall sconces for use in homes and stables. So, Hubbardton Forge only proposed to update the manual by manufacturing light fixtures in the smithy. The idea worked excellently as buyers were overjoyed to see hand-finished products in a market that was full of mass produced clones. Hubbardton Forge markets its fixtures as heirlooms that can be passed on down generations because of the quality. This was a new proposition in a market where people considered lighting fixtures to work only until the next time the house got renovated.

Hubbardton’s claim of making heirlooms was not made lightly. For lighting fixtures to look great year after year, the artisans developed some timeless designs that would stand the test of time. They also broke the myth that build quality and modern design were not compatible in the world of lighting. They also updated their practices to include a wide variety of long lasting colors and finishes, which were resistant to tarnishing. So any buyers who felt forged lighting products would be bulky and graceless would be in for a surprise. This year, Hubbardton has introduced the Vermont Modern range, where the firm brings a fresh new look to buyers with brighter colors, coupled with high quality which they are renowned for.

Pendant Lighting by Hubbardton Forge

Vermont Modern

Vermont Modern is Hubbardton Forge’s take on the edgy design which is proving popular among home buyers. There are no safe designs here and the Hubbardton Forge pendants uses metal in a very interesting way. For example, the Cumulus Pendant is a set of eighteen articulated steel plates folded upon each other to redirect the light. Each plate can move like a leaf and the entire assembly is adjustable. The pendant is available in black, gold, silver, Satin Red, Satin Aqua and Satin White finish. The Hook, Vine and Sinker Pendants are another interesting variation of the pendant lighting theme. The interplay of glass, lighting and metal is achieved by the use of an intricate steel hook that curves back onto the cord from the glass shade. Each pendant is also available separately as a mini pendant. The Monarch pendant takes a totally different design direction. Here, a single exposed light is surrounded by laser cut steel elements which are coated with a pleasing pastel color shade. The Metro Pendant appears similar to a mass transit map with its straight lines and absence of curves, with light elements acting like stations on the route of an urban metro train map.

Synchronicity by Hubbardton

Hubbardton Forge has tied up with specialist designers for collaborations that leverage the respective strengths of the firm. For Synchronicity, they tied up with Swarovski for a range of startling designs. Swarovski Crystals are paired as light catching elements while the pendant frame is made very light and airy-looking with an organic natural appearance. The Solitude Pendant uses crystal elements arrayed on both sides of the frame like tall buildings reflected on a lakefront. The angles of the crystal are shaped to make the glass look like modern skyscrapers.

In addition to the 2017 range, Hubbardton continues to sell their best-selling modern ranges like Bento, Exos, Folio and Quill which have brought much honor and recognition for the outfit.

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