Five Things to Consider When Buying Magnolia Fabrics

Magnolia is a popular and widely recognized brand of fabrics. They offer such products for use in indoor and outdoor spaces, especially for upholstery, drapery, trimming etc. Fabrics by Magnolia may just be what you need for your home decor project. Whether you are looking for a new slipcover for your sofa or a seat cover for your Ottoman, this brand has got them all. Before you narrow down on Magnolia fabrics, here are 5 things to consider.

1 – End use

The first consideration for your selection of Magnolia fabric is the end use or application. The range of fabrics by this brand include those for the following purposes – upholstery, drapery, and outdoor. Each of these class of fabrics is made with materials and designs suitable for the respective end use.  Upholstery fabrics comprise of those that are strong, and resistant to wear and tear. They are typically made of polyester, acrylic, or their blend, which often include rayon and cotton. Drapery fabrics comprise of those that do not fade easily, as they are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Linen, linen blends, and viscose blends are some popular materials available in this category. Outdoor use fabrics are made with polyester as well as its blends that perform well in direct sunlight. Magnolia also offers multipurpose fabrics that can be applied to different end uses without constraints.

2 – Style, pattern, or construction

The next consideration for selecting the fabric is its style, pattern or construction. The lineup of drapery, upholstery, outdoor, and multipurpose fabric by Magnolia is quite extensive in terms of the design present on them. Many of these are solid colored, while many others have stripes, checks, floral, or geometric patterns on them. There are also fabrics in diamond, dots and circles, ethnic, flame stitch, fleur de lis, herringbone and tweed, hounds tooth, Ikat and southwest-inspired, lattice and scrollwork, medallion, novelty patterns, paisley, skin textures, toile, and tropical designs. So, whether you have a vintage styled homemade beautiful with intricately carved furniture, a rustic one with earthy colors and rugged designs, or an ultra-modern abode with minimalistic elegance, you’re sure to find many fabrics from the Magnolia line up that fit your scheme.

3 – Color

The color of the fabric that you select for your sofa covers or the curtains in your house a very strong bearing on the aesthetics and the mood in your dwelling place. Every home has a unique theme, and you need different colors to cater to such needs. Magnolia offers this with their comprehensive collection of upholstery, outdoor, and multipurpose fabrics. Warm shades such as red, yellow, and orange, cool colors such as green, blue, burgundy, and purple, neutrals such as white, black, beige, and grey, earthy colors such as rust, metallic such as gold, and even multi colored fabrics are part of this line up presented by the brand. So, no matter your preference, Magnolia is able to cater to any sort of color or shade preference that you have.

4 – Colorways

Choosing the color of the fabric is one thing, but what if you like a certain pattern, and want a different color or hue? This is what you should consider next. Magnolia makes this possible with the colorway options on the different designs and patterns that they offer. Be it a woven design, a texture, or even a printed fabric, the collection by this brand includes many products available in the same pattern, but multiple color choices. This makes the offering by Magnolia quite versatile. For e.g., if you have two bedrooms for which you would like pick matching curtains, but in different colors, it is possible when you choose drapery from the lineup delivered by the brand. Even better, you have two or three ottomans in your reading room, each of which needs to be covered in the same upholstery, but of different colors, you sure know where to go.

5 – Trimming

When you choose upholstery or drapery for your home, you also need to pick matching trimmings that accentuate their look. Magnolia comes to your rescue with their range of trimmings in acrylic, polyester, and their blends. So, when you select fabrics for your home decoration or renovation project from upholstery fabric stores, don’t forget to also pick matching trimming to go with them.

Keep in mind these 5 considerations for you home renovation project, and you can select the apt Magnolia fabric for your home with ease.

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