What are the Ways to Secure Your New Wood Flooring?

Hardwood floors add great aesthetics to any space and taking care of those floors from time to time makes them even better as they age. Also, maintaining the hardwood floors is not much of a ruckus once you develop a routine to clean the floors. Before you decide to install hardwood floors in your house, you must know and understand what kind of wood you are looking for and what are the various ways to secure the flooring. To gain more knowledge about it, you must contact an experienced wood flooring in Phoenix as always remember one thing that securing wood flooring is not a rookie’s job.

There are various ways by which you can secure your new wood flooring, but before that, you must know that what kind of subfloor you would want. Based on what subfloor you choose; the securing of the wooden flooring will completely depend on that. Therefore, here are the few ways by which you can secure your new wood flooring.

Full glue down installation

This full glue-down installation process is like painting down the whole subfloor with the glue before setting up the boards in place. This process to secure the wood flooring is quite time-consuming as it takes around 24 to 48 hours after placing the first row of the boards. Along with that, this method to secure the flooring is tricky and an expert’s job only and also a bit expensive as compared to other methods. Various adhesives are used for the installation depending upon what wood type you are using, what kind of subfloor you have chosen, and they range from Mapei, Sika, Bostiks Best, and Loba-Wakol.

Glue and blind nailing

Glue and blind nailing is one of the simplest ways to secure wood flooring. If you have chosen the plywood as your subfloor, then this way is the best one to install the flooring. This method to secure hardwood floors can be used or woods such as reclaimed, pine, and hardwood. In this process, you need to blind nail the boards with staples or T-nails through the tongue and then put the beads of glue on the back of the boards with the help of a chalking gun. The nails are pushed into the tongue of the boards so that the next board can be placed over it. The installer will decide what kind of glue should be used and what type of nail gun to be used for the process.

Face nailing

Just like its name, the process of face nailing the floors means installing the flooring where the nails will be visible to the naked eyes after the completion of the work. This is a method that is considered as ancient as it was used for the white pine flooring boards back in the time. This method secures the subfloors and the flooring with the help of the nails.

Therefore, if you are looking to give an ancient, vintage, and rustic look to your home, this method can just do the wonders for your flooring. This method can be used for the reclaimed wood or hardwood planks without using the grooves or tongues to the subfloor. This can be done by drilling pilot holes of 3/16 inches on every board and then pushing a nail of about 2 inches into every hole with the help of a hammer. This way to secure the new floors is surely going to add up extra labor costs to your budget. Thus, make sure that you have calculated everything before making any kind of decision.

As mentioned earlier, it is entirely your decision whether you would want to face nail the floor if you are looking to create a space that looks vintage. All of this would also depend upon the thickness of the subfloor and what type you choose. But for face nailing, white pine works the best.

Now that you know these various ways to secure new hardwood floors, make sure that you are taking the right decision after calculating your costs and the type of floors you want in your home. Make sure that you are consulting an expert for wood flooring in Phoenix.

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