Tips for Finding the Best Fire and Water Damage Restoration Contractors in Your City

While there are many perks to owning property, there are drawbacks – especially when it comes to repairs. What happens if a pipe suddenly bursts or there’s a large leak in the roof? Worst yet, what happens in the case of a fire? An environmental disaster like a fire or flood can wreak havoc on a home, not only requiring a costly cleanup but disrupting daily life. When it comes to fire and water damage restoration, it’s essential to act quickly and find a restoration expert to remediate the destruction. But how do you find the right contractor who will do the job correctly and thoroughly? Follow these tips:

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Tips for Homeowners

1.    Contact an Insurance Agent

Following a fire or intense water damage, one of the first calls a homeowner needs to make is to their insurance provider as plans for how to deal with the damage will need to be made. Inform the insurance agent about the incident and include as many details as possible. Review the insurance policies to better understand what inclusions there are – like a living allowance or temporary accommodation. If plans have been made regarding fire and water damage restoration, let the insurance agent know and wait for their word before taking any further action.

2.    Find a Licensed and Bonded Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company

The next phone call a homeowner will need to make is to a fire and water damage restoration company. To ensure the best company is being hired for the job, it’s imperative that they be insured, licensed, and bonded. Not only does this protect homeowners against any accidents that might occur, but it also means they are not responsible in the case that a worker is injured – which is always a possibly on a construction site. Bonding is also important because it ensures the contract completes the job and applies and pays for the all the necessary permits. This will save a lot of time and money down the line should further repairs or restorations need to be made to the home. It also ensures a homeowner doesn’t pay for repairs ahead of time only to be let down. To ensure a fire and water damage restoration company is certified, ask to see all documentation beforehand. It may be best to hire a lawyer to go over all contracts before anything is signed, to ensure everyone meets their end of the bargain.

3.    Find References

Before any contracts are signed or agreed to, homeowners should take some time to read reviews and testimonials for any fire and water damage restoration contractors they plan to hire. While some might consider this a waste of precious time, it adds a layer of security for the homeowner. Either ask the company for references during an initial meeting or look online for reviews. Other ways to find reputable fire and water damage restoration contractors are through other homeowners in the neighborhood or through personal networks who can vouch for a company’s work. Asking for portfolios or records of work can also help determine whether or not a fire and water damage restoration contractor is the right fit for the job. If a business is hesitant to provide a client with any of this information, it may be a sign they have something to hide.

4.    Come up with a detailed plan

The purpose of hiring fire and water damage restoration contractors is to have them restore a property or home to the condition it was in before a disaster struck. Not only does this mean a contractor must have open availability to do the job within a realistic timeframe, but also provide a detailed plan of attack. After all, they are the experts. This plan should include how they intend to remove and rectify the damage – messes will need to be cleared, repairs made, and any additional problems, like exposed electrical or early signs of mold growth, should be dealt with. Only experienced fire and water damage restoration contractors will be able to provide a clear and accurate plan of how damaged will be dealt with, what repairs are needed, and most importantly, and estimate of costs and timeline.

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