Signs That You May Have a Serious Plumbing Problem

Plumbing concerns are common to all households. Even houses with the most sophisticated pipelines and drainage systems are not immune to it. If you are a house owner, you must have encountered plumbing issues in the past. Some of these issues are more serious than others.

The major problem with plumbing issues is that most of them are not traced until they create major havoc. Therefore, we are listing a few signs that are a clear indicator of a plumbing issue, and that necessitates searching for good plumbers in Pomona at the earliest.

1.    Low water flow

Low water flow is an obvious sign of a plumbing problem. If only one of the faucets has a weak water flow, you can fix the faucet aerators to solve the issue. However, if the water pressure and flow are low at multiple places, it indicates a severe plumbing concern.

The reduced flow of water at multiple locations points to a problem with the water distribution pipeline or the main water tank. Low water flow can also indicate a possible leak which means that you should call a professional plumber immediately.

2.    Slow drain

A slow drain is generally a tell-tale sign that there is a plumbing issue in your drainage system. Clogging at a particular drain is easy to diagnose and fix. You can use a plunger or a commercial drain cleaner. However, if the issue is not resolved, it’s time to call a plumber.

Severe clogging can be fixed by using chemicals, but this can damage your pipelines and fixtures. Also, chemicals have an adverse impact on the environment and should be avoided as much as possible.

If you are experiencing slow drains in multiple locations of your home, it signifies a major problem. There could be a blockage in the main sewer line or a tree root blocking the drains. In any case, it is advisable to call a professional at the earliest.

3.    Foul odor

A good plumbing system is put in place with pipes, traps, and vents. This ensures that you get a consistent flow of water and the waste is discarded. Also, the roof vents make sure that sewer gas does not enter your house.

If you experience foul gas in your house, chances are there is an issue with your plumbing system. You must contact an experienced plumber at the earliest to diagnose the root cause of the concern.

4.    A sudden increase in water bills

A sudden increase in your water bill can be an indicator of potential plumbing concerns. If you haven’t changed your water consumption lately, your water bill should remain consistent with negligible differences.

However, if you experience a sudden spike in your water bill, it may point to a potential leak in the pipeline or a running toilet. To diagnose the issue, you need to shut off the main water valve and examine your water meter. If it is still running, you have a leaking pipeline.

Call a professional plumber in Pomona immediately to diagnose the plumbing system at your house and repair it as soon as possible.

5.    Greener patches of grass.

If some parts of your garden have greener grass than the other areas, it could indicate a potential leak in the sewer line.

Sewage water has a lot of nutrients that act as a fertilizer for the grass. As a result, the grass in that area grows greener compared to the rest of your garden. If your garden has a patch of greener grass you should call a plumber and get the plumbing system checked.

6.    Color of water

The water coming out of your faucet should be clear and transparent. If the water has a cloudy appearance, this can be due to the presence of air bubbles. Also, a yellowish or brown tint to the water indicates rusting in your pipeline.

The green color in the water is a sign of corrosion of copper pipes. Rusting in your pipeline indicates gradual deterioration that can lead to leakage or other plumbing issues.

If the water in your faucet appears muddy or cloudy, you should contact your plumber as soon as possible and should get the pipelines fixed.

These are some of the signs that indicate a potential or current issue with your plumbing system and necessitates hiring a professional plumber at the earliest.

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