When is The Right Time For Your Wooden Floor Refinish?

Wooden flooring is one of the thoughtful investments that any homemaker can ever make. Along with their timeless beauty, these floors are extremely strong and durable and you will never have to replace them. All you would need is to take care of the flooring and do timely maintenance to keep it looking new for a longer time. When we say maintenance, it means, you would require a wooden floor refinish to take care of the dirt, scratches, debris, and all other things that ruin the floor.

So, if you are not familiar with the wooden floors, then it might be confusing for you as to when is the right time for the wooden floor to refinish. But don’t you worry, as we got you covered. According to the experts, you must refinish your wooden floors every seven to 10 years so that the floor can restore its original shine for a long time. Thus, here are a few tips on when you should opt for wood flooring in Phoenix.

Do it before you move in

If you have bought the house, then it is the right time for the wooden floor to refinish. Since you have not moved in yet, there is no furniture, no interiors, or anything in the house that would restrict the refinishing work. This is the best time that you refinish the floor because it is going to be hassle-free for you as well as for the people who are going to do the refinishing work. Also, when the wooden floor is refinished, it leaves a strong smell that might irritate you or if you have children. Therefore, it is best to get the refinishing done before you move into your home.

Visible scratches

You have to realize that your wooden floors need refinishing when you start seeing scratches. Remember when you are seeking those scratches with your naked eyes, know that they are deep and if not taken care of in time, a lot of dirt and germs would start accumulating in them. It is usually normal to have scratches on the wooden floor because we all have heavy traffic areas at home like the kitchen and living room. But if your floor is covered in scratches and in those areas where your area rug also cannot reach, then you must think about refinishing the floors.

Damage from water

Wood is not that resistant to water. If you spill some liquid on the wooden floor and do not wipe it immediately, then the wood will start soaking the water and because of the humidity, then the wood will swell over time. When the floor is damaged because of the water, you will start seeing a separation between the boards. If the separation is not major, then it can be cleared out with regular sanding and refinishing. But if the separation is major, then you might have to replace the floors.


If you notice that the color of your wooden floors in some areas has started to fade then it is because they have been exposed a lot to the UV rays. And that is the time that you must consider refinishing the wooden floors. When the professionals refinish the floor, they apply a new stain to it that makes the floor restore its shine and also stay protected from the UV rays, keeping the colors intact.

Refinish wooden floors while on vacation

This is the best time to get your wooden floors refinished. You will be away from all the hassle and your kids do not have to go through the tiring days where they cannot roam around the house freely. Refinishing involves everything right from sanding, cleaning, recoating, rendering, etc and for at least 24 hours you cannot walk on the floor after the completion of work. Therefore, it is best to get it refinished by a local and experienced flooring company while you are away on a vacay. Ask any friend or neighbor to help the service company getting in and out of the house during their working hours.

Therefore, next time when you are thinking of wooden floor refinishing, think of the above examples as these can be the right times where you can get the work done.

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