Why Wood Floors Are The Best Way to Design Your Home?

“A home is where the heart is”, this what we all feel about that beautiful adobe. This is because you as a homeowner ensures that your home is built most uniquely with all the amazing features added to it. And one of the most elegant features every homeowner wants to add to their home is the wood floors. The floor is the vital element of the home as it compliments other aspects of your décor items. Thus, if you are the one who is looking to update the flooring, then look for “Wood Floors Scottsdale” to get your desired options.

Now if you feel that if you decide to opt for wood floors, then you will be left with a standard wood option. Well, you are wrong. Wood floors come with many different varieties that you would be choosing from so that they can adapt to the existing style of your house. You will find a variety of wood floors ranging from solid hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, Composite wooden flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, and many more.

Durability and graceful aging

This is an important factor that you should look for while choosing the flooring. And wood floors are extremely durable, which means that you do not have to spend money to replace the floors soon. If taken proper care and precautions, the floor would last you for 100 years. Another advantage of having wood floors in your house is that these floors age gracefully with time. You will need to do refinishing every seven to eight years, and to that, you can choose a shade for the finished coat that can completely change the look of the floor. Refinishing the wood floors is vital as it keeps the wood healthy and also takes care of all the wear and tear that has occurred over the years.

Facelift your house value

The wood floors not only add an elegant and luxe value to your home but also increases the value of your home. In case, if you decide to sell your house in the future, then you are surely going to get a good deal on it, majorly because of your floors and how you have maintained it all these years.

Different wood for different spaces

If you are considering solid wood, then it is always ideal for spaces like bedrooms, living room, dining area, and hallways. If you are considering installing solid wood in the kitchen, make sure that you are keeping the water-proof mats handy near the dishwasher or sink as the water may ruin the floors with time.

The same goes for the engineered or laminate wood floors. You can install them everywhere as solid wood, but again you need to be cautious while deciding to install it in the kitchen and take all the necessary measures. Laminate floors are a great idea to be installed in the basement while taking care that it doesn’t catch any moisture. Another way to avoid wetness, moisture, and fungus in certain areas of the house is by installing teak wood floors. The wood has natural oils that save it from any kind of moisture. Therefore, you can consider installing it in the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Complements your house

There is a great reason for you to say yes to the wood floors as you get a chance to choose the colors for your home that complements the wood. You can choose the undertone of the material as the wood has slight hues of red, gray, yellow, orange, or brown within its finish. And based on that undertone, you can choose your color palette for the home that can complement every design structure of your home. Always keep in mind that you must keep consistency in the flooring to make it look even to add an elegant aesthetic to space. Also, it helps in maintaining the floors in the long run.

You must agree that wood floors are a great way to design your home as they comprise a long list of benefits. They are beautiful. Cost-effective, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and everything good for you and your home. Look for an experienced Wood floors Scottsdale expert to learn more options about it.

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