What You Need to Know About Bed Bug Exterminators?

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood. These little invaders are experts at hiding in clothes, luggage, and furniture. Before you spot a bed bug in your house, chances are they have already multiplied and built a colossal army. In such a case, hiring a bed bug exterminator becomes quintessential.

Numerous companies in Toronto offer bed bug extermination services, but there is a little homework that you need to do before you hire a bed bug exterminator.

The expertise

Pest control is a skill-based activity, and every technician is not capable of handling all kinds of pests. Your bed bug exterminator should be an expert in handling bedbugs and should have prior experience in this regard. An experienced technician will be able to decide which pesticides will bring the maximum results based on the level of infestation. An inexperienced person can use general pesticides and methods that may remain ineffective for bed bug removal. It can even worsen the situation as the insects can make a stronger comeback and destroy your property even further. Hence, it is advisable to hire an expert bed bugs extermination Toronto as they are aware of all the methods to eliminate the bugs.

The certification

Enquiring your technician and pest control company about their expertise will give you some insight into their capabilities. However, we strongly recommend asking your company whether they have the necessary certification for pest control. A certificate or license is proof that the pest control company and its employees are competent to carry out the bed bug extermination. Also, it serves as proof for the training that they have undergone in treating different kinds of pest infestation. Bed bug extermination is a costly process, and you want to be sure of its effectiveness.

Treatment methods

Bed bug extermination involves using a lot of corrosive chemicals that can cause damage to health and property. Also, a single method is not enough to kill all the bugs and pests from your house. Your exterminator may need to use a combination of different treatment methods.

Always ask your bed bug exterminator about their treatment methods to gather an understanding of their work. Also, do not forget to enquire about the risk factor involved. Not asking the relevant question can expose you and your family to numerous health risks.


Some pest control companies require you to enter into a contract before they carry out the extermination process. Signing a contract may seem like an ordeal, but in most cases, it proves to be extremely beneficial. Eradicating bed bugs from your house is a difficult task, and entering into a contract ensures that your house will be bug-free. Also, before signing the contract, read it carefully to understand all the terms and conditions mentioned. Make sure you agree with the pricing and the treatment methods involved.


As mentioned earlier, ridding your house of bed bugs is a tedious task, and a single treatment may remain futile. In such a case, a warranty serves as an assurance of the quality and effectiveness of the extermination process. It also saves you from recurring expenses in case the insects make a comeback. Hence, it is always advisable to ask your exterminator about the warranty and its duration. Remember, a competent and experienced firm will always offer a warranty on their services.

Other tips that can be extremely helpful in the bed bug extermination process are mentioned below.

•  Always ask the exterminators to inspect your house before receiving the quote.

•  Ask your friends and relatives for their recommendations and reviews.

•  Enquire your bed bug exterminator about the detailed plan of action.

•  Understand your role in the process, for example, the washing and cleaning that you need to do after the extermination.

•  Ask the duration for which you need to stay away from your home for pest control.

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