Step-by-Step Guide for Choosing a Septic Tank Pumping Company

As there are numerous septic tank pumping firms around your community, it is quite difficult who you can able to trust for maintenance and cleaning of your septic system. However, there are some key factors that you must look upon when selecting a septic tank pumping company.

Array of services

You will find a few companies that provide only installation services without providing care and maintenance of septic tanks. So, before choosing a septic tank pump-out service, ensure the company offers numerous services such as maintenance, repair, and installation.


Please ask for verifications and qualifications from your septic tank contractor as companies require verification from the health department for providing various services.

 Customer satisfaction

Choose a septic tank pumping company that provides excellent service to its customers. The hospitable and skilled staff makes a company great and look for these qualities.

Services during emergency

As septic tank issues can occur anytime, so look for septic tank pump-out service where you can get services during an emergency. Blocks and leakage in septic tanks should be resolved at the earliest or else it can pose health hazards and other problems.

Latest equipment

Choose a company that uses the latest machinery for maintenance and repair so that it will easy for safe disposal of sewage and proper cleaning of tanks.

Eco-friendly practices

The company must follow environment-friendly methods for disposing of the sewage in a safe manner.


Always choose a company that has years of experience so that there are fewer chances of errors while pumping and cleaning septic tanks. The experienced firms have the proper knowledge to locate the tank as well as identify the problems. Do research on the net of various companies that offer various services. Go through the reviews to get a better understanding of which company provides better services. Thoroughly read the testimonials of past clients who have worked with these firms.

The thumb rule is an inspection and pumping at regular intervals is crucial for keeping your septic tank clean and properly maintained. Although tanks require cleaning and pumping frequently, there are few factors that decide the frequency of pumping your septic tank like capacity and size of the tank, amount of solid waste and volume of wastewater generated on a regular is very important for pumping your septic tank after every two to three years so that your system functions efficiently.

The company should have proper insurance

Choose a septic tank pump-out service that must provide insurance papers, and if the company is hesitant to show the papers, please look for other companies. The company must be having worker’s compensation and general liability insurance for protecting you from financial and legal consequences in the event that any injuries or damage happens on the job. This will help you in getting maximum protection.

Pumping practices

There are companies that are not fully committed to integrity and excellence. Companies that do not believe in ethics can pump out only the liquids from the tank, thereby leaving the sludge. Another unethical approach they take is pumping only one compartment of a 2-compartment tank and asking for full price thereby taking advantage of the owner’s lack of knowledge about the septic tank. When you are inquiring about the pumping practices followed by a company, it gives you an upper hand to reject the companies that do not follow the full protocol.

If your septic tank is underground, then some companies charge for extra fees for digging the ground for gaining access to your tank. You also need to pay more if your property is located in a secluded area, or there are difficulties in reaching your place. For instance, if your property is far away from the road or built on a slope where there is a parking area for the truck, then you have to pay more for pumping the tank from a far distance.

Always ask for a quote from the companies you interact for the different types of services they provide as well as the specific work you are interested in.  Be aware of selecting a cheap contractor as they can materials of poor quality. If you do not have any experience with sewage systems, never take the risk for inspecting your septic tank rather get it done by a professional.

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