Signs that Indicate a Need for Sewer Line Repairs

The plumbing system of your home goes beyond the sinks, faucets, shower, and pipelines found indoor but include the main sewer line to which they’re connected with. While nominal plumbing problems such as kitchen sink blockage or clogged bathroom drainage can be handled on your own many times, when it comes to major blockage, cracking or leaking of main drainage system, it will instantly result in toilet flooded with rotten sewage to backup in the sinks, yard pooling with wastewater that ends with massive environmental pollutions and costly repairs.

However, before hitting you severely, a damaged sewer line offers a number of alert signs, which are more than enough to be cautious and immediately resolve the issue with expert sewer repair services. Most plumbing devastations can be well prevented if diligently understood from the signs and by treating them without further delay. To protect the home from plumbing disaster, the following are six top signs for your knowledge.

Slow draining

If you find the movement of water in the kitchen sinks, washbasin, bathtub, or toilet to go down the drainage system is noticeably slow, be careful, it might be an indication of sewer failure. A slow draining could be a cause of any virtual blockage of pipe below the kitchen sink or washbasin, however, under that condition, other than affecting the particular section, that won’t impact on the whole plumbing system of your home. The sign is enough that clogging is somewhere in the main sewer line that commonly happens due to flushing down unwanted substances in the toilet, crakes in the pipe or tree toot crash.

Sewage backup

If you don’t care of slow draining then what you’re likely to face consequentially is a sewage backup. Once again, if such backup is noticed in any specific place like in your kitchen sink or wash basin, this can be handled by local cleaning. However, as sewage backups are found everywhere and every time as you use the wash basin or flush the bathroom, without any further delay, you should call for sewer repair in Los Angeles for further action, spotting the problem and management of the main sewer line.

Pools of sewer water

A broken, clogged, or damaged sewer pipeline often leads to leakage of water with the raw sewer that eventually sprouts the adjacent yard or lawn etc. Remember, finding pools of septic water within your yard or outside drain field is a significant sign that it needs the immediate intervention of sewer repair in Los Angeles expert services.

Foul Odors

A well functional sewer line remains sealed airtight to avoid toxic gas from leaking out that spoils the environmental health. Now, if there is a leak due to breakage of the line, it’s eventual that you’ll start smelling some kind of stinking gas in the air all over your home. You’ll easily understand that the odor is coming out of the rotten septic which makes the environment unhealthy and unhygienic for human living. Before your loved ones fall sick, get in touch with sewer repair in Los Angeles that will take up the case with due diligence as soon you make a call and fix the problem.

Loud gurgling sounds

This is a great sign that there’s some sort of problem in the main drainage system. Usually, as your turn-on the taps of your kitchen sink, faucets of toilet or shower, you’re less likely to listen to any noise that appears coming from inside the pipes other than the running water. In case of a sewer collapse, once you open a tap or any faucet anywhere in your home, a kind of loud and erratic gurgling sound will come out the plumbing tools. This happens due to the trapped air that enters in the pipeline through the leaking area and as you listen the sound everywhere, then it’s the high time to dial your trusted sewer repair in Los Angeles immediately for needed services.

A sudden lush lawn

One fine morning, suddenly if you observe that your lawn appears to be exceptionally lively, greener and lush than the other months earlier, then don’t get excited. This is a good sign that there’s seepage from your sewer system that basically acts as a rich fertilizer for plants, grasses or shrubbery. So before, it becomes too late, gets in touch with sewer repair in Los Angeles for a necessary checkup of the sewer line and fixing the issue.

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