How to Safely Dispose of Your Home Appliances

On average, an American produces over 4 pounds of trash daily and only over 34 percent of that waste gets recycled. While people are aware of putting bottles and cans in the blue bins, when it comes to home appliances, disposal can be a little tricky. Estimates of over 9 million freezers/ fridges are just thrown away every year in the United States. Unfortunately, a home appliance does not last for a lifetime. Some appliances last for more than a decade while others have a lifespan of just 5 years. With 329 million people residing in the US, that amounts to a huge number of home appliances being discarded. However, there are greener methods for appliance disposal Austin that does not have a negative impact on the environment including scrapping and donating for reusable parts in salvageable machines. You can list your appliances on social media or your appliance brand’s website where they have policies in collecting your product. But if it’s time you have to dispose of the items, here’s what you need to do:

Dryers and Washers – If they are in good working condition, please donate them to the needy ones who will surely benefit. If planning to buy new laundry appliances, ask your manufacturer whether they are certified for recycling your old ones. If all else does not work, contact the local waste management office to check whether you can leave them on the curb.

Freezers and Refrigerators – For appliance disposal Austin, leave your bulky appliances to the professionals. Please contact your local public works department to make a schedule for removal or visit the site of environmental protection agency appliance disposal to search for a partner program near you. The service charges will vary and it can cost from $10 to $50 but may get a discount for disposing of your appliance in a responsible way.

Microwaves –Some municipalities allow you to recycle broken microwaves as scrap metal. The electronics recyclers will be doing the same task but charge a small fee. Local authorities host a recycling day where you can bring your home appliances for disposal.

Donating Used Appliances

Perhaps you want to switch from a large refrigerator to a small one or buy a washing machine with more advanced features and discard the old one. You may find your refrigerator or washer in good working condition that you no longer need. The best option is donating to charities that will collect your appliances and provide to the needy people or sold the items so that the money they get will be used in several programs. For instance, there are NGOs who sell donated items for constructing homes in local communities and at the same ensure the appliances are not duped in a landfill.

Contacting Local Councils

Arrange your appliances that need to be collected and contact your local council if they will collect appliances. They can advise you about the facilities that are available in your nearby areas.

Contact a Local Recycling Center

Search online and ask local people for a recycling center where you can dispose of your appliances in a safe way.

Give your Home Appliances a new lease of life

If your appliance is damaged, first you get an engineer for inspection to check whether it can be repaired rather than throwing away in the very first place. It may just require a part to replace which could help in saving some money. You can also repurpose them by upcycling them. This means you can reuse the appliances again and fortunately do not end up in a landfill.

Return your appliance to the Manufacturer

Usually, the manufacturer provides a guarantee period on appliances in case they break down accidentally. This means you get a replacement rather than buying a new appliance.

Contact a commercial junk hauler for appliance disposal Austin

If the above tips are not working for you, there are lots of commercial junk companies that will collect all items if you are willing to pay them but make sure they dispose of your appliances responsibly. When you are choosing a hauler, ask if the material will be recycled or disposed of in a landfill. Please contact the certified junk hauling Austin companies who are really concerned about protecting the environment.

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