What Do You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Replacement?

During the summer months, most homeowners depend on air conditioning systems for cooling purposes. No electronic device lasts forever, and over time your AC system needs to be replaced. Since the cost of AC unit replacement can be high and unexpected, you must know all the facts beforehand. But the question is, how will you know when the correct time to replace your AC unit is? We have discussed some signs below that you can look for to know that your system needs to get changed.

Signs that your Air Conditioner needs to get replaced

Air conditioning units can last for ten to fifteen years or more, depending on your maintenance. You must consider replacing the AC unit when you experience less efficiency in cooling. Lesser cooling can be due to low Freon levels or because of a broken compressor. It is also possible that the outward airflow by the AC is not outstanding. It can be due to the blocked or damaged vents.

Sometimes people notice large pools of water around their AC unit. The leaking coolant affects your health, and the spilling water can damage your floor and furniture. An immediate replacement is a must in this case. Other alarming signs you must look for are unusual sounds from your AC, issues with the thermostat, and the machine being older than fifteen years.

Things you should remember before replacing your Air Conditioning System

Does your AC require frequent repairs? If yes, you must think of investing your money in purchasing a new unit rather than putting up so much money in repairing your old unit. Below we have mentioned some factors to help you make a wise decision on whether you should replace or repair your system.

•    Age and efficiency of your current air conditioning system

The average lifespan of AC is between fifteen to twenty years. However, if you live in a warm place, your machine can start giving you issues after ten or twelve years. If your unit is close to the average age, then we recommend a replacement. Select equipment with a higher standard Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). SEER is the rating of how efficient your AC system is. A higher rating will lower down the electrical power consumption and offer more efficiency with reduced electricity bills. Your budget and the environment will benefit from a higher SEER rating.

•    Cost

The cost of AC unit replacement should be your biggest consideration. Compare the money you have to spend on repairing your system with that of a new one. If a simple component needs to be changed, you can go with repairs. But if the entire outdoor part is malfunctioning, then a repair will be expensive. To put it simply, if the repair costs over 50% compared to the price of a new air conditioner, then it’s time to replace it.

•    Maintenance

Only you know how you have maintained your air conditioner since its installment. Have you been regular with the yearly checks? Have you cleaned your air conditioner filter after every two to three months? If answers to all such questions are yes, then repairs might work well. However, if you have not done the servicing of your unit properly, the problems are probably more serious than you expect. In such a case, consider replacing your old unit with a new one and maintain it properly.

•    Comfort needs and space changes

If you are not satisfied with your air conditioner’s performance, then consider replacing it with units that use advanced technology. Check out the factors like cooling, dehumidifying, and energy functions while choosing a new model. Lookup for features such as variable speed, smart thermostats, communicating systems, and interactive control. If you have done any significant changes to your house, also think about buying a different sized unit than before. Take help from professionals to get an accurate measurement of your space and estimate the size of the AC you need.

•    Freon Usage

Freon is a major environmental polluter. All air conditioners manufactured before the year 2020 make use of Freon or refrigerant R22. The new technology systems run on Puron or R410A, which is a safer alternative.

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