Key Advantages of Having Regular Septic Tank Pump Out Service

Septic tank cleaning is a job that is best done by professionals. Removal of septic tank waste is typically done using pump out services, which needs to be performed in a routine or regular manner. Many homeowners ignore this maintenance job, especially in drier parts of the country. There are a few who choose to do the pump out and cleaning themselves, which again is a hazardous and possibly expensive job. Hiring a professional septic tank pump out service company for this job has many advantages. Here is a look at a few of them.

Prevent septic water from overflowing

There are many signs that you notice when your septic tank overflows – pooling water, foul smells, slow drainage, backup of sewage, lush green grass over the drainage alone, and so on. Routine pump out services prevents this issue by removing excess water and ensuring that the tank levels are maintained properly, even if you have had a season of excess use.

Removing scum and sludge layers

Scum is the floating layer that forms on top of the liquid waste in the septic tank. Sludge is what settles into the bottom. Excess of either of these solids can cause your septic system to malfunction. Routine pump out services measure the levels of these layers within the tank and test the condition of your septic tank. This helps evaluate if your tank is pumped often enough or if there’s damage to the septic fields from longer emptying periods.

Avoid a septic system failure

Water that overflows from septic tanks or excessive build-up of scum and sludge can both affect the functioning of a septic tank. Both of these can be troublesome for home dwellers as well as your neighbors. This issue can result in a septic failure, which can be noticed by clogged pipelines or water seeping out of the drain field. A septic failure, when it occurs, can be a costly affair. Pumping out the septic tanks on time helps prevent this problem.

Keep surroundings clean and sanitary

Septic tank waste carries with it a lot of solid remnants and unhygienic liquids and solids that get flushed out from homes. It is unhygienic, and coming in contact with septic tank contents can pose serious health risks. Septic waste that backs into bathrooms or kitchen sinks, as well as the water that pools around the drainage field, can cause your family members or pets to fall ill when they come in contact with it. The foul smell let off by overflowing septic waste can be a put off for neighbors, who may even take the course of legal action to rectify the situation. During the rainy season, the water that leaches out of faulty or failed septic tanks and drain fields can get carried to surrounding water bodies like lakes and rivers. This can pollute the water within and pose health hazards to the flora and fauna as well as swimmers who come in contact with the contaminated septic waste. Routine pump out helps prevent such mishaps and ensures that your home and its surroundings stay clean and sanitary.

A cost-effective solution in the long run

There may be a certain cost associated with cleaning and pumping out your septic tank on a regular basis. However, such costs can be lower and more reasonable when compared with that of fixing failed septic systems or repairing plumbing and sewage that has broken down from faulty septic tanks. There is also the chance of being fined by homeowner’s associations or local bodies if the sewage begins to leak and smell. Such damage control costs typically cost a lot more than what is required to pump out a septic tank every three to five years.

Seeking professional help in septic tank pump out service is a better choice any day. Such companies are better qualified and possess sufficient expertise and the necessary equipment required to perform the cleaning task. They are also better equipped to identify faults or issues that may later blow up into more serious problems in the future. Such septic tank pump out service providers also carry valid licenses and can get rid of septic waste in a safe and compliant manner without posing a risk to your family or the surrounding environment.

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