House Demolitions – Facts That Homeowners Don’t Know

When it comes to house demolition, Austin TX homeowners will do well to acquaint themselves with all the process details beforehand. Demolishing a house can seem like a rather daunting business, especially if you have never done it before. However, once you get to know the facts, you will see that it is a relatively straightforward business. Here are some of the things that you, as a homeowner, must know before you begin the demolition work:

You need to hire a professional demolition crew for the job

While straightforward, house demolition is not without risk. Unless undertaken the right way, structures can collapse and cause injuries and property damage. That is why it is crucial to select an experienced company with a certified and insured crew to handle the demotion work. These professionals should visit the site to assess the structure and discuss the demolition options.

You also want them to submit their proposal or estimate in writing, and clarify if they will get and pay for the demolition permits, or if that is something you need to do. They should also inform you of any other legal requirements necessary for the demolition work.

You can choose outright demolition or prior deconstruction

There are different ways to take a house apart. You can choose to demolish your house outright with an excavator or other heavy machinery and then have the demolition company cart away the debris in a dumpster or trailer. Or, you can deconstruct the place before demolition. Deconstruction involves manually stripping and removing everything salvageable from the house. That can include lumber, planks, beams, banisters, doors, windows, glass, light fittings, tubs, sinks, pipes, taps, nails, and so on.

You may require an official house inspection beforehand

In many states, before you can demolish your house, you must inspect it for any possible hazardous materials. If it contains lead paint, asbestos, rotten wood, or mold, it will be necessary to remove them following the proper procedures and taking due precautions. You cannot recycle or reuse them.

You may need to get a permit before the demolition

Before proceeding with your house demolition Austin TX residents should check the local and state rules and regulations on the state government website. If you need a permit for the demolition, get it at the city hall. You will also need to abide by the local rules regarding noise level, demolition hours, debris disposal, and so on.

You must disconnect utilities and services before the demolition

You should make utility and service termination requests several weeks before beginning the house demolition. That will give the supply companies sufficient time to disconnect the electricity, gas, water, and sewage connections. You cannot start the demolition work before this, or else you will court health and accident risks. Additionally, if you have neighbors, you could end up inconveniencing them by disrupting their services.

You may find demolition less expensive than a new building project

You can choose to demolish your house with heavy machinery, which can be a quicker and more affordable way of going about it. Or, you can decide on deconstruction, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming. As the demolition team will remove all the salvageable materials manually and may need several days to do that, the costs will be significantly high. It is an eco-friendly option, though, as you can recycle and reuse most of the materials.

After stripping down the house, the team will then demolish it in the usual fashion and remove the debris. Overall, it will be less expensive to tear it down than to build a new one from the ground up.

Most homeowners may have different and personal reasons for demolishing an existing house. Many of the places generally slated for demolition are at least 30 years old. The house owners may decide to pull them down because they are structurally unsound and are at risk of collapsing. As such, they pose a danger to the inhabitants as well as to the surrounding buildings. Some homeowners may also decide to demolish their house because it is too small or outdated, and they want to replace it with a more spacious, modern structure. Whatever your reasons, being well-informed is essential.

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