Four important Tips for HVAC System Maintenance

Making a building comfortable to live in is important, whether you are dealing with the extreme colds of the north, the heat of the south, or even the high humidity of certain regions. While ensuring that you have the best windows and doors installed, proper sealing, and good insulation can combat a lot of environmental comfort issues, it’s the HVAC system in many buildings that is doing the grunt work of making a space liveable, or workable. HVAC systems can be the most expensive part of a building, so when it starts to fail, or stops working completely, it’s going to be a huge expense to replace components and get it back up and running again. That’s why it’s important to keep up with HVAC system maintenance, especially when it comes to HVAC system cleaning.

With proper HVAC system maintenance and HVAC system cleaning, you can extend the life of your equipment while also keeping the system energy efficient and improving the air quality in your building (which is especially important for those with health issues). The following are some tips to help you with keeping up with your HVAC system maintenance.

Ensure You Are Using High Quality Air Filters

Air filters are at the heart of any HVAC system; any air that goes into an HVAC duct system should have gone through an air filter first to reduce the number of particulates in the air that are being pushed through the building’s system. With a cheap filter, the amount of air pollutants and other particulates that can get through is going to be too high, and it will start to wear down your system quicker than usual. As well, cheap filters aren’t going to last as long, and eventually, they will be completely useless, well before scheduled replacements and HVAC system cleanings.

Spending the extra money on getting high quality air filters for your HVAC system is just smart. With a high-quality air filter, you’ll be able to make it to your next scheduled HVAC system cleaning and air filter change with very little degradation of the filter. With the high-quality filter in place, you can be sure that very few air pollutants or particulates are getting into your HVAC system and being distributed around your building. Also, always make sure you use the high-quality filter of the right size needed for your equipment; getting something of the wrong size will add extra strain on your system.

Schedule Regular Air Filter Replacements

For proper HVAC system cleaning, you should have a regularly scheduled interval for replacing your high-quality air filters on your HVAC system. Having a filter in too long will greatly reduce its effectiveness, as well as restrict air flow, causing strain on your HVAC system. Check the air filter packaging for their recommended replacement time.

Perform Recommended Maintenance

At the time of the installation of your HVAC system, you should familiarize yourself with the HVAC system cleaning recommendations included with the system. Performing recommended maintenance at proper intervals will help improve the life of your system, as well as the air quality within your building. Your HVAC system cleaning and maintenance should be performed by a trained professional, if possible, to ensure quality work is done and nothing is missed in the maintenance.

Regularly Clean HVAC System Air Ducts

Maintaining your HVAC System through HVAC system cleaning isn’t just about the air filters or the machinery; it also includes the duct systems. Over time, your ducts are going to start building up dirt and dust, even with a good air filter, and this will start to restrict airflow or return said dust and dirt to the air of the building. During your regularly scheduled maintenance, your trained professional should be checking the cleanliness of your ducts and recommending a cleaning if they are getting too dirty.

If you follow the above recommended HVAC system cleaning tips in order to maintain your HVAC system, you can avoid unnecessarily high repair bills later on. Regularly scheduled maintenance by trained professionals can keep your HVAC system running in tip-top shape. As well, it gives them a chance to do an inspection to find any small issues that can be fixed before they become large and expensive ones.

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