Fabricut Fabrics: A Fabric for Everyone and Everything

Fabrics can be natural or synthetic; traditional or modern, and elegant or modish. Fabric in any form is not only a utility item but also has the power to invoke delight, surprise, and a sense of personalization for the user. Home décor fabrics are deeply personal for people especially when used with the utmost care and consideration. One such brand of fabrics that can not only conjure good feelings but also be versatile to use is Fabricut. Fabricut fabrics can be used in many ways around the house for a stunning effect.

Here are some ways you can use Fabricut fabrics in your house.

Fabrics for Home Furnishing –


The right fabric can transform even an old piece of furniture. Fabricut fabrics are available in almost all colors, styles, patterns, and materials. You can choose colors such as cobalt, silver, charcoal, pewter, mocha, ebony, and coal. You can buy Fabricut fabrics in contemporary patterns as well as textures inspired from traditions across the globe. Some of your options are paisley, jacquard, abstract, geometric, embroidered, floral, lattice, stripes, solid, plaid, crewel, damask, ethnic, and tapestry fabric designs.

You can design French-inspired sofas and pillows using Fabricut fabrics. You can create an ethnic or traditional living room inspired by global design sensibilities. Only a few decorative brands can match the splendor and quality of Fabricut fabrics. One such brand is Duralee. Duralee fabrics are also quality products but the style is completely different from Fabricut and the products are a bit on the higher range.


Fabricut makes distinct fabrics for drapes. You can buy pure polyester drapery fabrics or blended materials. From plain to embroidered and patterned fabrics, you can select one or more from a wide collection. Most fabrics form Fabricut are for multipurpose use. For instance, you can use some fabrics for upholstery, bedding as well as for curtains. You can fashion curtain in any design using quality Fabricut fabrics.


Fabricut has an exclusive range of wallpapers to match the fabric designs available with the brand. You can easily dress the walls in your home to complement Fabricut fabrics used in your upholstery. A textured onyx or gray wallpaper can accentuate your modern living room furniture. A wallpaper with a linen finish matches well with a casual and laidback style of home décor. A smooth turquoise wallpaper design can offer contrast to your white or black home furnishings and also match with chrome or industrial home accents.

Fabrics for Creative Projects –


For designers and for those who love crafts or DIY home décor projects, fabric trimmings are very useful items. You can buy exceptional trimmings from Fabricut in a wide variety of patterns. From rope designs, tassels, and rings on the edges to braided and geometric patterns, your options are plenty.

You can also use these trimmings for various craft projects. Wrap it around a ceramic pot to create your own unique accent for the living room. Use them on wooden tables to highlight patio furniture. Wrap them around the arms of wicker chairs to create an inspired look for your home.


It is easy to fashion scarves out of Fabricut fabrics. You can use softer and thinner fabrics to use in the fall and heavier fabrics for chilly winter months. With the exceptional fabrics available with the brand, you need not restrict yourself to what is available in the market. You can create your own scarves using different fabrics with designs such as plaid, geometric patterns, herringbone, traditional motifs, and a variety of textured patterns. 

Even More Reasons to Choose Fabricut Fabrics –

  • The guarantee of quality is assured when you purchase a Fabricut fabric. It is a brand trusted across the world and used by designers and homeowners alike.
  • The variety of fabrics is unmatched. You can find any color, texture, pattern, material, and style when shopping from Fabricut’s collection.
  • The price range is economical. It is hard to find a brand that offers such an exceptional quality of fabrics in such unbelievable prices.

You can equate Fabricut fabrics with versatility, ingenuity, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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