How to Decorate the Interiors of Your New Home

Interior design of a house is like learning a new language. You start with the basics, hone on your fundamentals, learn new things every day from your surroundings and ultimately you are so well versed that you start experimenting on your own, coming up with new and innovative things on your own. If you have recently moved into your new home or planning to move in, this article is for you.

As mentioned before, fundamentals become an important aspect of interior design and if you are just starting to decorate your home, you must ensure that you begin in the right direction and provide a strong foundation to the design language that is carried across the house. This article will provide important tips and suggestions for you to decorate the interiors of your new home and get off with a perfect beginning. Read on.

1. Clean and Paint

The first and foremost thing to do is to clear out everything from the house and get yourself an empty, clean house which will spur your imagination. The cleaning is also required so that you can get the painting work started before bringing any furniture inside the house. Paint sets the mood for the house and the color chosen plays a very important role. You can customize the colors the way you want for each part of the house and based on the color and texture of the paint, you can further plan your interior décor.

2. Start with Your Bedroom

The bed is one heavy furniture piece and when it comes to furniture, it is important that you maintain a harmony across your home, a common theme across all the furniture. You can change a small item like a chair or a wooden frame, but changing the bed itself to fit in that design flow is not practical. Hence, always start from your bedroom and always choose your bed first.

3. Other Furniture

You can further explore your living room, study room etc. and accessorize them with appropriate furniture. You don’t have to buy all the furniture at once as you always need time to mix and match, think and rethink your ideas. Eventually you can also make minor changes or go with some upgrades by adding or deleting few elements from the furniture list.

4. Flooring

Along with the furniture, also take care of the flooring of the house and the type of carpets or rugs you are going to use. Carpets pull all the interior design elements together and give a foundation to the room it adorns. Always prefer natural fibers like jute, seagrass or sisal and be clear about the dimensions you would need.

5. Lighting

Lighting fixtures are not just functional pieces that provide light but also excellent interior décor items if you look at them in a creative way. You can select beautiful fixtures that go along with your furniture and also set an ambience to every place in the house with careful selection and differential lighting.

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