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Black is a color that never goes out of fashion. From clothes and accessories to furniture used within homes, any object looks stunning in this color. The same goes true about the bar stools used in kitchens, home pubs, breakfast bars and so on. Read on to know why black bar stools and furniture are a trendy addition to home interiors and how they can be incorporated into your abode.

Why pick black bar stools?

The color black fits into almost all kinds of interior design and décor themes. Traditional, transitional, contemporary, urbane, rustic, or industrial – no theme ever looks awkward with the addition of black furniture. The color is also one that needs minimal or zero maintenance. Kitchen counters, kitchen Islands, and bar counters are areas that see a lot of passing around of food and beverages. As a result, the furniture used in this space can quickly get dirty from spills and stains. Furniture in a light color, especially those that have cushions, or which are made from wicker or light upholstery can be damaged easily due to the same. For this reason, using black furniture is a lot easier and less cumbersome. Bar stools and other furniture finishes in black color also look extremely trendy and can serve as focal points or conversation starters in home interiors. Furniture of this kind can be made from different materials like wood, metal acrylic, and others without constraints as long as they can be painted or finished in this particular color.

How to add a stunning black touch with bar stools

Black as a color, can be incorporated in many different ways into home interiors. Here is a look at how you can use bar stools of this particular color to elevate the ambience of kitchen, dining, and entertainment spaces.

Black leather

Leather is a fabric with a classic yet sturdy feel and looks extremely classy when made in black color. Choose round, wooden stools with soft, leather cushion. Opt for detailing like metal rivets for added beauty and finesse.

Black and metal

The pairing of black with polished metal adds a sophisticated touch to interior spaces and is an ideal choice for contemporary homes.  The sleek and shiny look that such furniture exudes makes them an apt choice for at home pubs, bars, and man caves. Bar stools of this kind also fit beautifully into kitchen or dining areas built predominantly with metal on its countertops, shelves, and so on.

Black and wood

Here is yet another interesting combination. Wood, in light or dark shades, can aptly be paired with black cushions or upholstery for a warm, welcoming feel. Such wooden and bar stools add a lot of visual interest to contemporary themed interiors and with the little twist to its finish (think worn-out or distressed finishes) can fix seamlessly into homes of the rustic kind.

Black and white

The combination of black with white is as classic as the color itself. This evergreen duo gives you a lot of options to play around with. Opt for a bar stool with a glossy black frame and white cushion or vice versa for a trendy look and feel. The reverse – with white frame, and black backrest, armrest, and legs – too can look equally stunning. The beauty of this color combination is that it can look equally interesting with glossy as well as matte finishes.

Black and designer fabric

Another unique and interesting way to use black furniture, especially bar stools, is by opting for upholstered designs or those with slipcovers. The fabrics that make up the upholstery or covers, when made in black and white printed designs such as florals, geometric prints, linear patterns, chevrons etc. enhance the visual appeal of dwelling spaces and lend an artistic touch to modern home interiors. They are also a great choice for people who dislike the monotony that sometimes sets in with the use of too much black.

In addition to these, you can also opt for black bar stools with overall black paint, distressed black finish, black metallic finishes, black detailing or accents, and so on.

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