What are the Best Septic Tank Maintenance Tips?

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank and a drain field are included in your septic system. The container of the septic tank is underground and holds solids and scums from the wastewater. According to the EPA, the household that uses a septic tank system typically is in rural areas without access to city sewage. “More than one in five households in America depend on an on-site system for individual treating their wastewater.” While potential house buyers may consider a septic tank a negative at first, they should be aware that these septic tanks can last for 30 years or longer, with proper maintenance.

In the home, septic tanks are used for wastewater disposal. Septic tanks are large, plastic, fiberglass, or concrete underground tanks. You have an entrance for your drain pipe from your house and an outlet to the courtyard’s terrain lines. It enables solid waste to settle and starts with anaerobic bacteria’s natural action in the decomposition process. As they are almost used continuously, they tend to be worn down and sometimes require maintenance. However, it would help if you had a bit of septic tank maintenance to get the best out of your septic tank.

Best advice on Septic Tank Maintenance

1.    Reliable pumping: If solids accumulate in their system, each household should follow a regular septic service program. The frequency of service varies per home, so be sure to ask your technician about the frequency of pumping of your septic system.

2.    High-pressure water jetting: All septic systems accumulate solids and other debris in their drain pipes irrespective of the reliable pumping. These solids obstruct the lines connecting the septic tank to the drain field. Therefore, we recommend every five years to remove and clear any waste that might prevent your system from operating efficiently with high-pressure water jetting and thus, the use of a Bacteria Additive Septic owner should use live organic Bacteria which divides your septic system into the existence of unnatural substances and solids, such as detergents and soaps. If these common household substances penetrate your septic system, they kill off the naturally occurring bacteria that allow your system to function correctly. Bacteria additives are an affordable insurance policy that cleanses and clears your pipes, smells, and makes your system work properly.

3.    Install an Effluent Filter: Your filter, which prevents solids from entering your drain field, needs to be cleaned or replaced whenever you service your system. There is no filter on some older systems. Inform your technician if your septic system has no filter. If your system is continuously loaded with too much water, you will put too much stress on your tank and weaken, damage, or block it. By making your appliances more water-efficient, you can reduce your septic tank’s workload and extend its lifespan. Whether you fix a leaking toilet, just using your washing machine or dishwasher for one full battery load, or installing energy-efficient toilets or showerheads, you can make your property more efficient with the best septic tank maintenance in its water consumption in several different ways. Some small changes make a significant difference.

4.    Don’t drive on your drain field: Your drain field is just as important as the tank itself, and damages that occur here can negatively affect how well your septic tank can deal with waste you may even find that your tank becomes backlogged and overflows as it doesn’t have a good outlet for the waste to go to. Make sure you never park or drive on your drain field, and you should avoid placing plants or trees in this area as root infiltration can interfere with the flow of the wastewater.

Your tank will need to be pumped regularly to keep it working optimally. While a septic tank is a rare element in modern homes, it remains an integral aim to keep the house attractive and useful. Make sure your septic tank is at full working order using the tips mentioned out within this post.

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