Bedeck Your Dining & Kitchen Space with Reclaimed Wood Table

Are you searching for wood table for your dining and kitchen space? Opt for the best reclaimed wood table and bedeck your décor in a treasured way. Reclaimed woods offer a rustic yet elegant look to decorate your home. Different types of options are available online. So, let’s take a look at a few reclaimed wood tables in this regard:

  • Reclaimed Framework Board Dining Table  Often, this is available with distressed reclaimed scaffoldings as well as thick pipe base made up of black color. Even if the table carves out a rustic look, all edges are smoothly polished. As a result of which, there is no snag or splinter. In case you are searching for an ideal dining table for your family for sharing stories, meals and games, this furniture would be just the right one to match your requirement. The table comes in natural finish as well as other polishes. The typical dimension is 48″L x 28″W x 30″H. However, you may get it in other sizes. If you place order for this furniture online, this would be delivered within 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the suitability of the manufacturer.
  • Contemporary X Frame Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – This stunning reclaimed wood dining table looks amazing in every house. It is created with old growth floor beam planks of reclaimed douglas fir, retrieved from deconstructed buildings from Midwestern United States. The table comes with modern day solid steel X frame base with a stunning rustic modern reclaimed wood top. Most of the wood planks are handpicked for furniture from the floors of old barns and buildings all through the metro area of Chicago. You can get these tables in natural finish. You may also opt for additional environmentally friendly options. Often the table set comes with wood conditioner which provides you extra finishing options. Moreover, if you want you can darken the color. Usually, this comes with a dimension of 48 x 30 x 30 inches, where you can comfortably seat with four of your family members. However, the tables are available in the dimension of 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches lengths at various heights in order that it can be used as a dining, counter height and bar table. If you have fascination for sizes, you should contact manufacturers for customized requests for different sizes at a standard thickness of 1.65 inch.
  • Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table – You can also spruce up your living room with teak coffee table and Bali boat coffee table made up of reclaimed wood. Free shipping is often included with online purchase. You can get several unique pieces. Many go for hairpin and square legs that offer a unique finesse to your décor. If you want to bring a fresh lease of life to your décor, you may opt for coffee tables in the shape of Balinese fishing boats. Having a piece of exclusive boat wood offers you the feel of a boat’s journey and reclamation revolution that makes world more sustainable.
  • Reclaimed Farmhouse Table with Lovely Twisted Legs – If you want to have reclaimed farmhouse table with twisted legs, you can opt for customized reclaimed pine farmhouse table with twisted legs and brilliant distressed finish. Stunning solid wood farmhouse tables are often inspired by well-used tables adorning the farm kitchens across America. These are crafted beautifully from distressed reclaimed wood with breadboards for offering rustic farm house charm. You can get twisted leg style tables in different styles if you place online order. Tables can be manufactured in almost any custom made dimensions.  Prices may vary according to the style of your chosen table legs. You may also get table tops in stained Jacobean and painted base. The build time depends to a great extent on the number of orders placed by the customers. You have to message the customers with your exact requirement in order to get the delivery within a definite time. Delivery depends to a great extent on the distance of order placement. If the delivery is outside a complementary delivery area, you may have to bear a modest fee for that. Your orders can also be shipped through freight carrier with the buyer responsible for the cost.

So, why are you waiting for? Place order now for one of the best reclaimed wood tables available online and bedeck you dining and kitchen space in an exclusive finesse.  Browse through various options online, opt for the best reclaimed wood table and smarten up your décor in an extraordinary fashion.

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