The Three Most Common Plumbing Repairs Homeowners Face

Are you thinking about purchasing a new home? It is no doubt that your new home will bring a lot of excitement to your life. However, it won’t be much enjoyable for you, if you do not maintain and repair your plumbing equipment. You should look after your plumbing need regularly in order to avoid future disaster and huge maintenance expenditure. On an average, homeowners spend around $2000 -$2500 annually on repair and maintenance for home. Nevertheless, this can go up to $8000-$8500, depending on situation. Plumbing repairs in Raleigh can be one of the messiest repairs you may have to deal with. Remember, that just a simple leakage or a breach in pipes may cost you thousands for fixing the problem. However, that could lead to major damages for your home structure. So, what is the best alternative in this regard? The best thing is to take preventive measures and getting in touch with an expert plumber when things get out of your hand. Let’s check out in this regard the three most common plumbing repairs for a homeowner:

  • Constant water running through plumbing – Most homes face the problem of dripping faucets, where water runs through plumbing constantly. This makes you put on the tap and receive water immediately.  While turning off the tap, the rubber and the silicone washer make a tight seal to prevent water rushing out when the tap is closed. In case of a problem with the seal, there will be a leakage in the faucet.  There is no doubt if you notice a simple crack in the seal because you can fix the problem on your own. Nevertheless, if this becomes corroded you should call professional plumbing repairs in Raleigh for dealing with your difficulty. An expert can ensure whether other plumbing parts need to be replaced or not and whether you will be getting a tight seal. In contrast, if the plumbing repair service provider detects that you are having some serious problem, you may have to replace the whole faucet.
  • Low Pressure of Water – This can be because of water-saving showerhead or due to the water distributed by the municipal water supply. If this is your concern, you can’t do much more than changing the showerhead or contacting the city. However, low pressure is a sign of accumulated mineral deposits, leakage or breach in main line and clogged pipes. Even if the problem of mineral deposits can be resolved with over-the-counter solution, blocked pipes and breach in main line should be dealt with an expert plumber. Moreover, if you suspect that poor water pressure is a concern with the main line, you should immediately get in touch with a professional plumbing repair service in Raleigh before your problems become worse, costing you thousands of dollars for fixing.
  • Running Toilet– Another problem is running toilet. If there is a persistent humming noise and you continue to hear trickling sound or running water for a long period of time even after flushing, then you can say that your toilet is running. It is usually associated with flapper vale, float apparatus and fill tube that you can easily replace on your own. In case you have replaced each of the parts and you are still having running toilet, then your problem could be due to the accumulation of sediment or leakage in pipes, making it difficult for your toilet to flush and fill in a proper way.

Apart from these three common plumbing repairs, you may face problems with clogged drains. Commercial drain cleaners are good enough if you use them occasionally, thinking that the problem is due to mineral or sediment accumulation in your pipes. Nevertheless, you can’t fix the worst of clogs with a de-clogging solution. In most cases, the problem is because of hair clumps and small objects obstructing your pipes that cannot be removed through drain cleaning. It is the responsibility of the plumber to disassemble pipes and find out obstruction before it causes plumbing to leak or burst. It’s quite easy to fix. However, if you want to avoid this problem in near future, try to install drain screen. One more common problem is that you are not getting hot water or that your hot water runs out after a short time. It could be simply due to low temperature of water heater, unlit pilot light or owing to the fact that your tank is very small for your requirement. Nevertheless, this problem can get worse due to leakage or puncture in tank. So, call one of the best plumbing repairs in Raleigh and get the right solution for your home.

Tips on Buying Cheap and Good Mattresses for Your House

A night of good sleep is extremely essential for your body to de-stress and rejuvenate itself. Crucial to this is a good mattress, which lets you have uninterrupted sleep, and also wake up in the morning without aches and pains. Selecting a good mattress is always a tricky game. There are so many mattresses for sale in the market, many of which make claims of offering you benefit of one kind or the other. You get introduced by sales people to the umpteen variants that are currently trending, which just add to your dilemma. Picking a good mattress, specifically one that suits you without pinching your pocket, follows some golden rules. Here are few such tips to make your mattress selection procedure easier.

Know the different kinds of mattress cores

The core of the mattress is what decides the support it offers. There are generally four types of cores – innerspring, foam, latex, and air-filled. Innerspring mattress have a bouncy feel. Their gauge determines the amount of bounce; with higher gauges working better for heavier people. Inter connected coils of sprint tend to be extra durable, but those with individual “pocketed” coils, each covered with fabric, reduce the ripple effect when one person shifts in bed. Memory foam mattresses give you a firm base and have less spring. They do not sink or budge beyond the topmost layer. Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam ones in terms of firmness, but tend to have spring-back. The materials is also antimicrobial, resistant to mold and dust mites. Air filled mattresses are customizable, and tend to have two sections, which can be customized separately for you and your partner.

Decide on the size

Mattresses come in standard sizes like twin, queen, king, and so on. The choice of the size is dependent on the space in the bedroom as well as the number and size of the people who use it. When considering size, it is important to pay attention to not just the width and length, but also to the height of the mattress. The actual height depends on the height of the bedframe, the box spring (if attached) as well as that of the mattress. If those using the bed have limited mobility, it is best to suit a height that makes the mattress easily accessible for them.

Take note of the price

Mattresses, owing to their varied builds and features, come at different prices. However, it is best to decide the kind of mattress, and set a price that you are willing to spend on it, so that you don’t end up overshooting the budget. Also, year-end or season-end sales are a great time to buy your favorite piece. It is best to do your research in advance and grab the one that you need, as soon as it is up on sale.

Consider branded products

Branded products are any day more reliable than non-branded ones. They also offer products of good quality, and which last long. They also have a good customer support system in place so that in case you have queries, or are facing problems with a product bought recently, you can get in touch with them to get it resolved quickly and easily. A quick browse through consumer reviews can give you an idea of the best brands and the most trusted products in the market.

Look for trials

Nothing replaces an actual trial when it comes to assessing a mattress. It is a good practice to try lying on the bed for a couple of minutes, preferably with your partner, to see how the two of you like it. This also gives you quick chance to gauge the firmness, and see if the material is suited for your body type and tastes.

Ask for warranty

A product covered under warranty is a good option any day. However, most of them are covered by terms and conditions, which if you do not follow, may not get you a repair or replacement in the warranty period. So, before you invest in the mattress of your choice, be sure to understand the warranty terms thoroughly.

When buying a mattress, be sure to invest enough time researching the different products that are available. Conduct a trial, be convinced, and only then proceed to making a purchase. After all, these investments, when done right, can save you money, and last for a really long time.

A Guide to Norwell Lighting’s Outdoor Lighting Range

The Joy of Handmade Lighting Fixtures

Norwell Lighting has specialized in hand made lighting products. The firm’s skilled craftsmen cut sheets of copper and brass and shape them lovingly into unique, functional products. These lighting fixtures are completely modern but they evoke the swinging lanterns that used to hang outside the cottages of New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Buyers hold such crafted products in special regard as each fixture will have the distinctive stamp of the maker. Such uniqueness is rare in today’s age of mass production based on standardized designs.

Norwell Lighting offers fixtures for exterior and interior lighting. We explain the product range of the exterior lighting fixtures and also feature the best pieces from the collection:

Post Mounts

Post mounted lights became popular in the gas lighting era. These lights are designed to illuminate the surrounding area with a wide throw of light. With the advent of electricity, post mounted lights have become ubiquitous in public areas. However, homeowners can also install these lights on their property and garden areas. Norwell Lighting has a very wide range of premium post mounted lights. Popular ranges include Adams, Stanfield, York, Concord Collection and Onion Collection. A distinctive ring is fixed on the top of the classical fixtures. Buyers can choose from decorative mount options and over eight finishes.

Hanging Fixtures

Hanging lanterns used to be a feature of Colonial homes. These candles lit lamps were hung outside the cottages or homes from a chain and hook. For travelling on the seas, the lanterns would be fixed on a metal rod with a bent hook at the end to throw further light. A band of metal work would be done to protect the thin glass peculiar to the era. Norwell Lighting has captured the essence of these lanterns with its outdoor hanging lights. The lights complement the design of the post mounted lights with strong frames and simple grillwork. Sharon, Suffolk and Aurora collections can be said to carry the soul of the designs of the era gone by. The Lodge series of lanterns also adds a touch of California Mission Revival style to the range.

Wall Mounted Lights

The exterior wall mounted lights are designed to complement the other outdoor fixtures in appearance and style. So buyers can choose from wall mounted lights in the same model family as their post mounted lights and hanging lights. The wall mounted lights retain the looks of older lamps while adding modern conveniences like reflectors. Buyers who wish to have some decorative wall mounts to complement their home can also consider these lights as a standalone option. The lights are built to withstand corrosion and dampness.

Ceiling Mounts

Exterior ceiling mounted lights are suitable for porches, sit outs and porticos with low ceilings. Ceiling mounted fixtures do not occupy space, but look just as distinctive as hanging lights. The ranges offered by Norwell Lighting for outdoor ceiling mounted fixtures are the Onion Collection and the Williams range.

Customizing Your Interiors with Real Solid Wood Furniture

Hip and happening of today’s interior design are minimalistic, contemporary designs which are sleek, edgy and soothing to the eyes. Gone are those days when heavy wooden furniture was piled up all around the room, making the whole interior bulky and stocky. Real solid wood furniture have kind of taken a back seat in today’s world of minimalism. However, they can be beautifully integrated into these contemporary and modern setups, provided they are in harmony with the prevalent design theme. Wood brings in a feeling that is warm and rustic, which will be treasured by homeowners who want a cozy atmosphere in their house. In this article we will see a few tricks and ideas on how to use solid wood furniture to customize the interiors of your house or office space.

1. Bedroom

Easily, the best solid wood furniture you can, all belong to the bedroom space. Starting from the bed, other pieces like vanity cabinets, wardrobes, tables and stools can accompany the bed. One has to ensure that all of these wooden furniture share the same color or texture to maintain a harmony across the room.

2. Coffee Tables and Book Stands

Moving away from the bedroom, you can have solid wood furniture even in your living room and study rooms. Coffee tables with cabinets within or book stands which can adorn a corner in your study room can serve as excellent décor items apart from being functional furniture pieces. However, before buying them, ensure that you are very clear about their dimensions and have enough space in the room to accommodate them.

3. Wood Patio

Having a wooden patio with floor and other furniture made from real solid wood furniture is a great way to invest in wooden furniture. To create an interesting vibe you can have wooden panels of different form and color, creating a beautiful mix and match if you feel the same type of wood is too boring for a patio.

How to Buy Real Solid Wood Furniture

Apart from knowing how to use solid wood furniture in interior décor, one must also know how to buy these furniture and the considerations one has to make while buying. Here is a list of tips/suggestions you can follow.

• Firstly, you need to decide the type of wood you need. One can always go for a safe approach and buy freshly made furniture or also go for reclaimed wood which has a unique identity and charm to it.

• Secondly, look for solid and sturdy wooden furniture and not the furniture made from mere pressed wood, fiberboard or particleboard.

• Thirdly, look for real solid wood furniture made using joint construction and not using staples or nails. Joint construction is something that you can rely on whereas staples, nails or glue are just temporary and too weak for solid wood furniture.

• Lastly, ensure that the furniture is made of wood that is durable, resistant to moth and moisture, stable during all the seasons and has a protective covering to keep off termites and other natural elements which ruin the wood.

Home Décor Ideas: Five Accessories You Can Easily Use

Interior design is all about how you use the things at your home and arrange them in an interesting way such that it creates an ambience or atmosphere. The ambience can be a reflection of your personality or the values you believe in or simply a reflection of your abstract imagination. Accessories are the jewels of the crown here, adding additional value to the overall theme, disguised in a harmony of commonality with other things in a space.
If you are thinking of accessorizing your interiors by adding new things but have no ideas in mind, you are reading the right article. In this article we will list out 5 interesting ways you can use home décor accessories to create a beautiful effect in your living space. Read on for more.

1. A Rustic Furniture

Imperfections teach us humility in life and have a deep sentimental value to them. The same imperfections also stand as a testament to its age and legacy when it comes to rustic furniture. Rustic furniture looks old, used and adds a sense of beautiful reality into our lives. From coffee tables to TV stands, beds to bedroom vanity cabinets, replace any of this furniture with a rustic one and see the difference it adds to your living space.

2. Carpets

This good old idea is used in almost all homes but only few homeowners get it right, using carpets as not just mere floor mats but an interesting home décor accessory. The center of the living room, a stairway, hallways, base of tables or stands, carpets can be placed anywhere. With added customization and the right choice of shape, color and material, carpets will not disappoint you one bit. They will also keep your floor clean and warm.

3. A Dominant Color

Even a simple concept like color can be used as an accessory in interior design if you have the right knowledge of complementary colors and how they can blend with one another. For instance, you can choose a color palette of only two colors say white and orange, where the white is meek and orange is dominant. White would cover most of the space and certain elements like pillow covers or vases or wall frames could be painted in orange to be highlighted.

4. Colorful Blinds

If you use curtains in your home, this accessory idea is a good upgrade for the windows. Blinds are more sophisticated and easy to manage and do the same function as curtains, blinding the window. You can use a particular theme or color for all your window blinds and turn this functional item into an interesting home décor accessory.

5. A Patch of Wallpaper

If you like colorful wallpapers but don’t want them to all over the walls, you can try this as an experiment. You can only select a patch on your wall and cover it with colorful wallpaper that goes along with the paint of your wall. It will instantly become a point of attraction in the room and draws the entire focus of the room together.

How to Decorate the Interiors of Your New Home

Interior design of a house is like learning a new language. You start with the basics, hone on your fundamentals, learn new things every day from your surroundings and ultimately you are so well versed that you start experimenting on your own, coming up with new and innovative things on your own. If you have recently moved into your new home or planning to move in, this article is for you.

As mentioned before, fundamentals become an important aspect of interior design and if you are just starting to decorate your home, you must ensure that you begin in the right direction and provide a strong foundation to the design language that is carried across the house. This article will provide important tips and suggestions for you to decorate the interiors of your new home and get off with a perfect beginning. Read on.

1. Clean and Paint

The first and foremost thing to do is to clear out everything from the house and get yourself an empty, clean house which will spur your imagination. The cleaning is also required so that you can get the painting work started before bringing any furniture inside the house. Paint sets the mood for the house and the color chosen plays a very important role. You can customize the colors the way you want for each part of the house and based on the color and texture of the paint, you can further plan your interior décor.

2. Start with Your Bedroom

The bed is one heavy furniture piece and when it comes to furniture, it is important that you maintain a harmony across your home, a common theme across all the furniture. You can change a small item like a chair or a wooden frame, but changing the bed itself to fit in that design flow is not practical. Hence, always start from your bedroom and always choose your bed first.

3. Other Furniture

You can further explore your living room, study room etc. and accessorize them with appropriate furniture. You don’t have to buy all the furniture at once as you always need time to mix and match, think and rethink your ideas. Eventually you can also make minor changes or go with some upgrades by adding or deleting few elements from the furniture list.

4. Flooring

Along with the furniture, also take care of the flooring of the house and the type of carpets or rugs you are going to use. Carpets pull all the interior design elements together and give a foundation to the room it adorns. Always prefer natural fibers like jute, seagrass or sisal and be clear about the dimensions you would need.

5. Lighting

Lighting fixtures are not just functional pieces that provide light but also excellent interior décor items if you look at them in a creative way. You can select beautiful fixtures that go along with your furniture and also set an ambience to every place in the house with careful selection and differential lighting.

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